Marshfield, Vermont


2019 Stranahan Minutes

August 27,2019 Approved Minutes

 Stranahan Town Forest Committee meeting 

                               Tuesday, 8/27/19

                                    Draft Minutes

Place: Old School House Common

Date: 8/26/19

Time: 6:10 pm - 7:30 pm

Present: Michael Sabourin (facilitator), Sarah Gailbraith, Rich Phillips, Ellen Cooke

Public: None 

approved  minutes of  6/25 and 7/23

adjustments to meeting agenda: None

Update on Aug. 24th and trail clearing: Rich and Sarah gave an update. Rich, Diana, Michael and Brett will meet at 5 pm Thursday to clear trees Ravine, Grist Mill.. Sarah spoke of the amount of downfall in the forest. She was suggesting that if the forest is selectively cut it may mitigate the damage. Rich proposed that when we focus on draft forest plan that we discuss this further. Rich discussed the tree damage on the Moon Trail (upper part across the field).   The committee needs to look at this collectively. Rich will send an email to check with committee availability.

Update on potential physical trail modifications, repairs, drainage, etc: Saturday 8/24/19 a crew worked on the lower Ravine trail. The trail will have to be rerouted because of the amount of tree damage.


 Drainage project estimate:

The committee discussed the possibility of grant writing or fund raising for the drainage project.

The drainage work will greatly improve accessibility for all.

A motion was made and seconded to finalize the site 1 cost proposal and seek select board approval to begin this phase of the Thompson Rd drainage project. Sarah F. has volunteered to attend the Select Board on Sept. 3rd to ask them to approve the proposal.

Update on kiosks, signage: Adelaide will paint the signs at Jake Martin lot  in the near future, her time permitting. Hollister Hill kiosk: Rich added a waterproof sign in notebook. Rich suggested adding a contact number for volunteer interest.

The large map on Hollister Hill is currently outdated. 

 Map update: work in progress. Update further at the next meeting.

future events and management plan table for future mtg.

Sarah F. volunteer to facilitate the next meeting.

Agenda suggestions: trail stewardships, update on Drainage phase 1 project, maps update, signage, selected date for Thompson Rd trail realignment.

minutes 7/23/19

Stranahan Stewardship Committee


July 23, 2019

Date: July 23, 2019

Time: 6:00 PM-7:45 pm

Place: Old Schoolhouse Common

Present: Jenny Warshow, Rich Phillips, Michael Sabourin, Ellen Cooke, Sarah Fowler

Minutes from June 24th will be approved at  the August meeting


- Public Comment None

- Agenda Adjustment: Wording on the signs for kiosk at Jake Martin Rd.

                                              Date for plan edits

- The committee discussed Sarah G’s review of the trail from June 20th email report. Further discussion about next steps. Jenny will call Annie Reed and ask if she and her student from CCV can work on bridge on .  

- Rich, Sarah F and Danny Tatro walked the Moon Trail  and Thompson road. Three places were noted where drainage work is needed and places to focus on repairing. The repair work on the Thompson road will have to include diverting the water through a swale or culvert. Rich thinks a swale makes more sense given the geography of  the land. The committee discussed at length how drainage work is to be done. Stone work is needed. Sources of stone were considered. It is cost prohibitive to truck in stone. A consideration for dismantling old rock piles and walls that can be used to mitigate water.  

The committee decided to have Danny price out the cost of stone to be brought in and placed for the first hill on Thompson Rd.  Once that is determined the committee can make the next trail maintenance decision. Rich agreed to speak with Danny.

- Ellen, Rich and Sarah F. volunteered to work on  the bypass route near foundation as well as the Thompson Road bypass trail on August 24th.

- Rich has volunteered to brush cut the burdock in the foundation. How do we want to maintain the foundation and the general area?  Michael suggested that this can be a conversation when the access is easier along the Thompson Road.

  • Signs: The committee discussed having the entire name of the forest represented on the sign board. An agreement was made that it would be two lines (3ft x 8in).  In addition another welcome/parking sign with the entire name of the forest on it. Adelaide Tyrol is the artist painting the signage. 

  • Due date for Edits for the mgt plan at Sept. meeting. Details to be discussed at the August meeting.

- Agenda for next meeting: 

                                  Trail report including but not limited to estimates of work.


Minutes 6/25/19

Stranahan Stewardship Committee


June 25, 2019




Date: 6/25/19

Location: Meet at Jake Martin Parking Area

Time Start 6:00 PM 

Time Adjourned 7:45 PM

Attending: Sarah Fowler, Sarah Galbraith, Ellen Cooke, Brett

Engstrom, Michael Sabourin, Adelaide Tyrol, Patrick Peifer, 

Grahame Bradley


This was a field visit to deal with the following:

  1. Met with Adelaide Tyrol at the JM Parking Area to discuss and decide on the signage for the Kiosk and parking area. Decided to place a sign at the top center of the Kiosk with “Welcome to Stranahan Town Forest” and a free-standing sign saying “Forest Parking” with and arrow. The free-standing sign will be be supported by two cedar posts. Rich will prepare the sign boards and Adelaide will paint and letter. The signs will be blue (matching the other Kiosk) with white lettering.

  2. We laid out a specific route for the short bypass of the Thompson Road.

  3. We reviewed and agreed on several drainage improvements along the Moon Trail. These were ditching and swale improvements. We did not have time to review some of the bigger drainage projects proposed for the Thompson Road from Hollister Hill to the foundation.

  4. We did not have time to review the work of Twinfield students on the hiking trails, nor review any possible trail realignments except we agreed to mow a path in the field to avoid the wet area on Thompson Road just after the foundation.

  5. Patrick Pfeifer recommended we develop a master plan for trail improvements instead of a piecemeal approach. The Committee has agreed we need a master plan and intend to proceed with one when  VYCC is available and we have the money. In the meantime we need to make more pressing improvement on a piecemeal basis. The Committee thanks Patrick for using his expertise to review our issues and provide guidance.

  6. We discussed but did not decide our expectations for keeping the foundation area cleaned up and providing the historical signs we have talked about.

  7. Approved the minutes of the May 28, 2019 meeting,