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Stranahan Stewardship Committee Minutes

These are the minu

Draft MInutes

April 24, 2018

Date:April 24,. 2018

Time:6:00 PM - 7:40 PM

Place:Old Schoolhouse Common Meeting Room

Present: Rich Phillips, Jenny Warshow, Sarah Galbraith, Michael Saboriun, Brett Engstrom, Ellen Cooke

Public: James Arisman

CC representative: Ed Jalbert

Agenda Adjustment- None

Public Comment - None

March 27, 2018  Minutes approved

Registration box at HH Parking- Ed and Rich mounted the registration box at Hollister Hill

Kiosk:Stranahan Stewardship Committee

Rich, Sarah F and Ellen sited the Kiosk and Rich and Ellen moved it in place with the help of Tim Phillips and Stan Hook. Ellen, Rich, Ed and Brett will meet on Saturday,4/28 at 8:30 am to strap and shingle the roof.

Expenses for Kiosk: Rich will add up his expenses and bring them to the next meeting for approval.

What will go on the sign panels: Jenny suggested panel for forest map, panel for bike trails, panel for conservation commission. Maps that are clear where biking is allowed.

Jenny look into map costs and what is the best material to get them printed on. Brett and Sarah will consult  with Jenny to include information that adds activity, interests and historical references.

Jenny and Sarah G. volunteered to do the map and information layout of the Kiosk on Jake Martin road.

Twinfield Art students: Brett and Ellen will ask Art Faculty about student interest.


Trees along Thomson Road:   Ed and Rich will work on removing trees on 4/28.

Walking the trails to assess clearing needs (Diana says several trees down on Ravine (that we never got to last year.)Jenny suggested posting on Front Porch forum requesting that if folks walk the trails to let us know the status. Ellen and Sarah G. volunteered to also walk trails and give a report.

Discussion of the survey results : The committee discussed at length how to address the concerns and questions about the raw data collect by Drew. We agreed to write a email before May 1st to Drew with questions. Ellen volunteered to draft and send email.

See draft Below:

Hi Drew,

Our committee met on Tuesday, 4/24, and discussed the raw data you shared with us. We have some questions that you may well be answered when you send up the final draft on May 1st. However, well think that sharing these questions with you prior to May 1st may help us to have a clearer understanding of what we can expect in the draft. Below are some questions and concerns:

- What is the methodology for taking the raw data and translating it into a cohesive narrative that is reader friendly?

- The drop box spread sheet is confusing. Can you provide a brief explanation of how the information on the spread sheet will be used so we can have a clear direction on how to move forward. Please explain the Colorado addresses.

- Do the bar graphs include the public workshop boards?

- On page 19 can you explain what 'Neutral" means in relation to "neutral sense toward ADA accessible paths." Does this indicate interest for the activity?

- "40 Zipcodes" this accurate?

- Seems like we missed our younger population. Is this fairly typical?

Committee decided to push wetlands discussion to June meeting and devote May’s meeting to the Survey draft discussion.


Agenda Items for 5/22/18: Survey Draft discussion

tes from the Stranahan Stewardship Committee.