Marshfield, Vermont


Stranahan Committee Meeting

SFSC Meeting Agenda

April 30, 2024

Time: 5:30-7:00 pm


Location: OSC (history center room in library) and virtual

{Please be sure to allow the site to use your camera and microphone before entering.}

Ground rules for Committee meetings:

Assume positive intent

Be solutions-focused

Engage with curiosity instead of critique

Treat everyone with respect

Allow all voices to be heard

Don’t take things personally



CC Rep:


Public Comment (5 minutes)

Agenda adjustment(s):

Agenda topics:

Approve March 26 meeting minutes (5 minutes)

Any updates on Selectboard response to draft changes to process for reviewing trail proposals?  (5 minutes)

Trail updates (10 minutes)

  • new large tree down on Thompson Road, near intersection with Ravine trail and Homestead Lane trail (on Pitkin Road end)

Goals and plan for comprehensive trail review - Discussion (35  minutes)

Budget and priorities for 2024 - discussion (25 minutes)

  • Next steps on weed whacking/brush-hogging? Get Selectboard OK to hire out, or does town need to do RFP? 


  • possible work day, and planned project?

  • fix to Jake Martin parking lot (i.e. add gravel and smooth out entrance and parking area) - plan and next steps

Recruiting new members - 5 minutes

(one potential interested new member planning to attend May meeting)

Other business

Next meeting:  May 28