Marshfield, Vermont


Animal Control

If you encounter an emergency situation where an animal's life is in immediate danger, please contact the state police and speak to the officer on duty.  And then please also notify the Marshfield animal control officer via email at The ACO is not really an officer of the law but will do their best with a follow up of the situation. In a small town like ours there are not enough resources for a town police department with animal police officers like a city may have. Any investigation or arrest related to animal cruelty must be completed by the state police. 

The ACO may be available to assist with transport to the vet of an injured stray animal but sometimes help from community members getting injured animals in an emergency situation to the vet is greatly appreciated.  

If you have a non-emergency animal complaint, you may still contact the ACO through email. The ACO can help with complaints of animals running loose in town, barking, transporting stray animals to the animal shelter, working with the select board on nuisance animals issues, etc.

The current ACO's are Heather Bent, Alana Norway, and Seleste Weeks. Please use this email:

In case of an animal bite requiring medical attention, please also notify Health Officer Kate Hayes at