Marshfield, Vermont


Property Taxes

2024 Tax Bills 
The tax bills will be mailed in early July. Contact the Town Clerk's Office if you have not received your bill by July 10th.

Post marks are no longer accepted as evidence of timely payment.

Automatic Payments

You can have your payment withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. More information is available here.

Copies of Tax Bills and the Grand List

These tax bills have been redacted to remove the state payment, but they are sufficient for income tax and assessment purposes. Do not use these bills for escrow purposes.

2023 Tax Rates

                                  Homestead                          Non-Homestead
                                    Property                                    Property

Town Tax                       0.6538                                         0.6538
Local Agreement           0.0046                                         0.0046
School Tax                    1.4525                                         1.3812
Total                              2.1109                                         2.0396

 The common level of appraisal is 87.02% as of January 2024.